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Voliik does nothing but amazes us every chance he gets. A while ago, he gifted us a Madeon remix but now, things are different. Voliik teamed up with FERA to release “Omen,” a powerful dark track we didn’t know we needed.

Voliik and FERA have been best of pals since 2018, which was the year they both started their music projects. They instantly connected when Voliik reached out, so no wonder we have this gem of a track from them. Their friendship shows us that no matter what, friends will always have your back. From living in two different time zones on two different continents, they have grown closer and stronger. 

voliik omen

“Omen” is such a disgustingly heavy track–it’s a perfect reason for a bass face. Both of these artists poured their blood and sweat into giving fans an iconic symbol of friendship with a side of pure bass.

The track opens up with an eerie, distant voice that builds up to the climax and then BOOM, listeners are dropped into a quickly paced synth that keeps us moving. In a way, it feels as if listeners are traveling through a space war.

This beautiful friendship gave us a great banger, maybe we will get more later this year!

Stream “Omen” down below and let us know what you think!

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