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Monday’s can typically bring us a case of the blues, but not this week. For those in love with the underground, bass duos LoTemp and Noise Pollution dropped their heavy hitter of a collab. The track “Like This” takes listeners through a journey into sound while providing a sweet treat to the ears with yummy dripping baselines.

Spicy Boi’s LoTemp teamed up with Noise Pollution to spark a special dose of creativity. It’s been a couple months or so since either duo has released a track, meaning this one was extra special. LoTemp’s “Stash Pocket” and their remix of “Bloccd” remain their top tracks – both in which were released this year. Noise Pollution hit us a couple months ago with progressive melodies, remixing CloZee‘s “Mirage.” In hindsight, you should be adding these tracks to your SoundCloud favs ASAP.

Stream “Like This” by LoTemp and Noise Pollution below:

A message from the creators of “Like This

We know times have been rough to say the least. Everyone has been through their own roller coaster of a year; however, this Monday we arrive at the Winter Solstice. This is a time to celebrate the power of faith and hope that our visions of the future will come into manifestation. Since the days grow shorter and the night grows longer, the winter solstice isn’t about having more light, but it’s about carrying it within yourself, whatever that means to you.”

LoTemp & Noise Pollution

While LoTemp and Noise Pollution’s message remains simple, today is the day to invite that light in. Listeners can only conclude that the duo’s wizarding power of manifestations will bring forth more tracks from these artists. A never ending amount of thank you’s to these underground bass artists for conjuring up magic with the wonky wubz. We carry your light with honor and smiles on our faces.

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