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Sonic Bloom 2023 is ready to host their 16th annual on the Spanish peaks of Colorado’s Hummingbird Ranch this June 15th-18th. With a regal Clozee headline accompanied by a multi-genre line-up, 2023’s experience will surely cater to all your needs. We’re not only drawn to the festival’s genre-diverse talent; Sonic Bloom‘s curation includes captivating art installations, body-flowing workshops, and more.

Sonic Bloom 2023 lineup graphic

Sonic Wavelengths

We’re more than ready to hop in the diverse vibrations Sonic Bloom‘s artists have in store. The three-day festival supports local artists and one-of-a-kind frequencies from artists like Drrtywulvz, Koan Sound, and Rendr. This year’s line-up covers the dark depths with Notlo, chill Lofi with pheel and parkbreezy, and features mind-blowing instrumentalists like Phyphr and ST4RFOX.

photo of ST4RFOX at Sonic Bloom
Photo of ST4RFOX by c.2.h.2

Immerse yourself

Aside from the audio realm, festivalgoers will find a visual journey through immersive art installations and mind-bending fire performances. Experience the enchantment through Anna Clare‘s fairy portal or be bewitched by the incredible Ishstar and her fire flow. Desire even more entertainment with a good laugh? Don’t miss TVBOO‘s comedy hour at the Hummingbird stage Saturday evening!

Sonic Bloom’s various yoga classes are a great way to ground your being during a whirlwind of a weekend. Find the present state of mind, release heavy trauma, and relax with slow-flow yoga or a ceremonial Thai massage. Are you looking to pick up a flow hobby or new interest? Check out CreekAnimal‘s Hooping 101, or try the belly dance workshop with the lovely Daize Eleice.

The hype

Sonic Bloom continues to hype the community with spotlights and the recent G-Space live pre-party held at Cervantes on April 29th. Cervantes showcased festival expectations by filling both rooms with unique performances by artists like Black Wolf Sound and Mythic Rogue. In addition, local Denver talents, like Mara Jade and Cleveland’s Finest, took over the patio’s silent disco while local vendors shared their craft. With once-in-a-lifetime B2B’s paired with painters and creative vendors, we most definitely felt the energy Sonic Bloom would deliver.

photo of G-Space performing at Cervantes in Denver
G-Space at Cervantes, photo by c.2.h.2

Sonic Bloom’s 2023 experience will enlighten the spiritual through the beauty of movement, music, and arts. The festival exemplifies unity with an inclusive line-up and various forms of expression, providing a safe space for all individuals. So return to your truest form and dance under the stars to Colorado’s most unique curation. Need to snag your tickets? The 16th annual passes are on sale here!

See you all at the Hummingbird Ranch for Sonic Bloom 2023!

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