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Quick, somebody sound the alarms!! The tenacious homies, TVBOO, and Runnit have blessed our ears with a new and refreshing trap tune titled “Drop Top“! This isn’t the first record they’ve conspired on, “Clear” and “Swervin” are other well-known creations from this team. Bringing in that traditional trap sound, this song will have everyone captivated from start to finish with its bouncy basslines mixed with grimy beats. “Drop Top” is simply: *chef’s kiss*.

TVBOO electric hawk
TVBOO captured by: Darkslides
Runnit electric hawk
Runnit captured by: Roger Dean

TVBOO, also known as Mitch Draper, is rapidly becoming a lovable name in the bass scene. His ability to combine distorted sounds using a unique style surely leaves the people wanting more! (It’s me, I’m people). “Drop Top” imitates a familiar trap feel beginning with a melodic intro as the track gears up for take-off. We’re surprised with the type of drop that’ll make any crowd shout: “OOOOOH!” followed by a vivacious beat that got me up and shaking my a$$. This newest partnership is truly deserving of a celebration.

“By far my favorite collaboration with Runnit to date, ‘Drop Top’ is a perfect blend of our signature styles. Mixing his original trap roots with my goofy, experimental bass sound, this song makes me feel more hyped every time I listen to it!” 


The lively ever-changing tempos in “Drop Top” certainly kept me on my toes through its entirety!

The hype is real with this new release and its unexpected twists and turns. If you’re someone who thrives in organized chaos, like I do, without a doubt this track is for you! Agreeably, Runnit’s high energy cadence when joined with TVBOO’s funky accents forms a match made in experimental bass music Heaven. A fun notable highlight is the intricate computer tones that for some reason hit just right. Before you can even collect yourself the pair accelerates it once more except this time around it gets nutty. Successfully executing a groovy but growl-like eruption, the adventure isn’t over as “Drop Top” slaps us with a slimy-sounding rhythm that demands the body to boogie along. It’s incredible how these two artists can so easily mesmerize masses in literally less than three minutes.

In addition to producing, TVBOO and Runnit prove how multifaceted they can be with other artistic interests

TVBOO’s BIG stage presence accompanies an even bigger personality as he exposes his silly side through his popular podcast, TVLKS with TVBOO. Mitch has interviewed fellow artists like GRiZ, sfam, Herobust, plus several industry idols including Disco Donnie and Deadbeats label manager, Harrison Bennett. On the other hand, Runnit boosts his creativity via the music label, the Partica Artist Group. As the co-founder of this growing collective, their goal is to curate “boundary-pushing sounds” and inspire through exploration.

Above all, if you’re dying to hear “Drop Top” live be sure to keep an eye out for these two! Fortunately, there will be plenty of opportunities, whether it’s the multiple festivals TVBOO has on the horizon or catching Runnit on select stops of Eazybaked’s Intertwined tour. In the meantime, drop what you’re doing and give it a listen.

Get Bouncin’ to “Drop Top” by TVBOO & Runnit!

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