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The Denver-based songwriter, Phyphr, graced us with the genre-rich Catalyst LP on February 24. Known for blending electronic with live guitar and his soulful style, we’re not surprised this album still has our feet kicking. The full-length LP is filled with his guitar groove, electro-soul, and bright instrumental samples. Its journey brings listeners through an inspirational experience while pushing their fears aside.

Photo credit: Brittany Teuber

Phyphr defies self-doubt in Catalyst

Phyphr tells us a story of his creative path and artistic expression through Catalyst. He starts the album off with the funky “Still Turnin’.” Next, with him opening up about the struggles and insecurities of creating, we find “Connection” with Phyphr through affirmations to stay strong. Then we groove “Into the Clouds” with a collaboration with Manic Focus, and travel through “The 80’s” era. The heavy-hitting trumpets guide us toward one of our favorite tracks, “Reaction.” It brings Catalyst‘s message to light by reminding us we have the power to live the life we dream. This album truly inspires fans to chase their dreams, no matter how discouraging the ride can be.

“(It’s) a sincere album that tells the story of a musician who left home in search of the life he dreams of. Featuring relatable songs about uncovering forgotten inspiration and coming to terms with artistic insecurities, this debut album is a prelude of what’s to come…”

Phyphr Catalyst LP

Unveiling Catalyst begins a full year ahead for Phyphr. Getting ready for his mission to empower fans, the guitarist hits Colorado with the legendary Sunsquabi this spring. Continuing our positive transformation, we know we’re hitting his Meow Wolf Denver headline on April 7th, supported by Dredlock, Eliptek, and Slynk.

In the meantime, listen to Catalyst below!

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