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Treasured and loved by ravers in the Pacific Northwest, Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge has become a summer festival staple. The 2023 festival, held June 17-18, offers PNW ravers the first chance to enjoy the summer temps and majesty that The Gorge offers.

The Gorge has earned its place as one of the more beautiful venues in the country. Overlooking the Columbia River in the foothills of the Cascade mountain range, any event at The Gorge is a must send. 

Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge

But do you know how Beyond Wonderland came to this scenic and magical venue?

Created by Insomniac, Beyond Wonderland was first held in southern California. The production company threw a different annual event at The Gorge for years, called Paradiso, and co-produced with a company formerly known as USC. That is, until, the lawsuit.

Insomniac VS USC

In January 2020, Insomniac sued USC, a Seattle-based promotion company, for failing to account for $2 million dollars that was allotted for event vendors. Insomniac had advanced that amount to USC, but by the end of the 2019 festival, vendors communicated that no payment had been received. In order to keep relations with local and national vendors, Insomniac paid an additional 1.2 million dollars to keep the peace.

After cutting ties with USC, Insomniac urged the legal system to not allow USC to work or promote any content related to Paradiso. This left PNW ravers with one less event at The Gorge until Insomniac stated that they planned to host their own summer festival at the cherished venue.

In Comes Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge…

Then came Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge, debuting in 2021. The Gorge offers the perfect setting for this festival, giving people the chance to descend into the rabbit hole. Surrounded by multiple stages, performers, artists, campground activities, and paid vendors, attendees are free to wander and enjoy themselves all while listening to the diverse amount of genres and artists that Beyond showcases. And The Gorge’s view will surely add to the magic of the whole weekend!

This year, Beyond Wonderland offers performances by notable artists such as Subtronics, Slander, Said the Sky, and more. Plus, a stacked preparty before the weekend even officially begins?! Beyond Wonderland also offers a chance to win two tickets to the event. Their sweepstakes page urges potential attendees to submit a video sharing a fun festival experience. 

A magical and one-of-a-kind experience, Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge is not a festival you want to miss this year! You can grab passes, here. We can’t wait!

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