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UNKNWN is back with two new rich and enticing tracks on his first self-release EP of the year, Lavender Beach. Of course, we already know Brock Muellner, more commonly known as UNKNWN, to be a dedicated and determined artist. He’s ready to push the boundaries of bass music in all its forms, from humble beginnings as a music hobbyist and instrumentalist to spearheading universal and unique sounds in bass music. This new EP, Lavender Beach, does just that and more, with clear inflections of reggae and dub motifs that set this EP apart from his previous works.

UNKNWN creates a new sonic world with just two songs.

Right off the bat, “Purple Palms” sets the scene for a mystic journey through a kaleidoscopic — almost psychedelic — sonic space. The track seems to effortlessly glisten like jewels in the light as melodic synths flourish playfully on the bass lines in a pizzicato style. The richness and royalty of the string elements play deeply into the title of the track, as purple is often a colorful symbol of royalty, mystery, and enlightenment.

Up next, “Heliotrope” settles the EP with a change of pace and a boost of bass. This track is a proper head bopper, allowing us to rest on the bouncy tempo. With our field of view narrowed in on the bass and beat, the reverb on each melodic flourish provides room to breathe. Each beat is an intentional step, driving the song forward and allowing the listener to create their vast vision.

UNKNWN press photo
Courtesy of Innovative Electronic

Track after track, UNKNWN solidifies his work as a staple of the underground and ‘psybass’ community. His ability to draw from beauty and darkness melds seamlessly with any bass fan’s chill tastes. And as a steady fan in the bass music community, his experience lends to success on all fronts, from his energetic shows to expert command over any crowd. You can dive into UNKNWN’s beginnings, methodology, and inspiration by reading our exclusive Electric Hawk interview here!

With consistency and keen storytelling ability, we’re more than hooked on UNKNWN’s sound and vision of Lavender Beach. And we can’t wait to discover what stories he’ll tell next!

Listen to Lavender Beach by UNKNWN out now!

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