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Coming at you hard with this one. Curator and producer, Daggz, aims to release your soul with his new track, “Avatar.” This single will help you think of those life questions from a new perspective as Daggz would have wanted. Out today, 4/30/2021, and premiering exclusively on Electric Hawk.

“I’ve often recovered many of the thoughts about existence I had as a child. A major one of these was the separation of consciousness from the body…”

Daggz takes us on a journeyyyyyy! I cannot express that enough. From the moment it begins, the vaguely distorted vocals stating a profound thought and breaking down that fourth wall to get us, the listeners, to think and wonder. This blended in with a deeper, downtempo impression goes together like literally any cheese & potatoes dish. It melts in your mind and provokes your thought.

“…I believe, and always have believed, that I am not this body and consciousness can go places where the body cannot…”

That drop was like my brain taking a splash in a warm bubble bath. The soundscape unfolds into intricate synths and distant kicks build-up to create a grand melody. You’ll find yourself swaying to the rhythm like Lisa in that one Simpsons episode.

Daggz Avatar meme

“…one of these of course is a far galaxy.”

Daggz, also known as Ryan Daggs, does a fantastic job in showcasing his skillful sound design and songwriting. I was literally transported to another realm. This one is a must-add to your daily rotation and I personally cannot wait to hear this on a proper sound rig, ya dig?

Listen to “Avatar” by Daggz below.

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