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I’m gonna be real with y’all…I’m still a puddle after listening to SAGZ new chune, “Sacred Blood.” Deadass it’s next level.

Electric Hawk family, and bass scene superstar, the young Chicago-based producer is steadily carving out his own spot in the bass music scene. Every time he drops a crumb of bass, best believe we are there eating it all up. SAGZ has been working mighty hard this year and his most recent tune is the shining example of that.

sagz sacred blood
SAGZ – Sacred Blood

From working with powerhouse producers MeSo and Space Wizard, and Vieira, to dropping his own smokin’ bangers, SAGZ is turning heads and inducing bass face with his art.

Almost immediately, “Sacred Blood” sets the mood with skin crawling snares, the pushing and pulling of murky waters, the ominous stroke of the piano… can you feel it, Mr. Krabs? The scratchy broken beat begins mesmerizing your senses into a daze until SAGZ blows your face with heavy bass lines, and scratchy synths that’ll make anyone start to BUMP!


At this point your mind is on the floor with the surprise scratched bass, coupled with the free form bass, this rack is neither overpowering, nor underwhelming. It hits just right. The piano notes at the end is the perfect cherry on top of this whole track.

But wait, THERE’S MORE! As a treat, visual vin_e put together this video for you to go with the new track. Grab your speakers, turn it up, and be immersed in this radical audio visual experience:

Listen here:

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