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Happy Friday hawk family! We are back at it again: New Music Friday. And boy howdy do we have a LIST for you!

First, we have a filthy track from Nikademis, out today on Metanoia Music.

Hold on to your beaks folks, this one is a SLAPPER.

Excuse me – new XXYYXX? What have we done to deserve this!!

This beauty of a track is out with xander. and I have already listened to it 7 times.

w/out gave us a ethereal melodic wave track, and we still have goosebumps.

And for our electro-pop fans out there…

“Don’t Cry For Me” from Alok, Martin Jensen, and – ahem – JAAAASON DERUUULOOOOOOOO is just what you need for your Friday. Do we get Avicii vibes? Yes.

Of course, we have to include an artist from the Electric Hawk roster: SAGZ came for our throats with his latest single, “Sacred Blood.”

We know it’s New Music Friday, but we REALLY wanted to include the newest EP from Quackson, Forgotten Memories.

While we’re breaking the rules, we might as well include a phenomenal remix of “Cross Me” by Space Wizard.

This wonky track comes on a Cross Me Remix EP with four redos of the original by LEViT∆TE.

Next, we have a hot and heavy new single from Moore Kismet and Leotrix.

We are always stunned by the talent of Moore Kismet, and this is no exception.

Did you think we were done? Aha, nope.

Here’s a smooth new song from Kaytrananda featuring Lucky Daye.

There is SO. MUCH. MORE. new music today, including:

To conclude, we are once again overwhelmed with the amount of incredible new music this week.

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