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Coming direct to you from Brooklyn, NY, we’ve found the best underground diamond of all, and she goes by the name of Rübee. Sarah La’Berge, also known as Rübee, just released her cathartic debut EP, False Comfort, and this one’s worth checking out. Seriously… one track in and you’ll be melting. This is a treat for your ears.

Rubee False Comfort
Photo by Azab Media

Although this may only be her first entrance as a producer in the electronic music scene, she seems to have had no problem discovering her own sound already.

Sharing about her background, La’Berge told us how False Comfort first transpired:

I had decided I wanted to be a house DJ and producer when I first created Rübee, and that’s what I had my mind set on. I love house, I wasn’t going to produce anything other than house, and I was going to have a strong brand that was centered around house music. That was that, and I was sticking to it. In a way though, I always felt like I was lying to myself. I have been obsessed with ALL forms of electronic music since I was 14 (I’m now almost 23).

So, it felt like everyday I was asking myself why I was stifling my own creativity and keeping myself in this small box. With False Comfort, I threw my fear of ruining the (very small) house-oriented brand I had built for myself out the window, and said ‘It’s time to make music that is Rübee, through and through.’


Allowing herself to explore new genres and finally giving herself full artistic freedom, the EP refuses to be caged into a single box, yet still manages to flow cohesively from one track to the next. From a soulful dnb track “Get It” featuring MB Beats and more melancholy tracks “False Comfort” and “Solitude,” the full EP signifies the different experiences and emotions we go through in our daily lives.

Altogether, it’s a work of art. Rübee started off on the right foot with this EP, and we have no doubt this won’t be the last we hear from her.

Listen to the False Comfort EP by Rübee below:

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