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The dogs are at it again. This time, Slang Dogs are putting an old school twist to their dark sounds. “Radio React” combines what we all love about the Slang Dogs. That deep, sexy bass with old school dubstep. You know what time it is? It’s simping time.

We get those throwback vibes as soon as we start “Radio React.”

Big ol chimes ring out at the start of the song, then the dogs bring in the horns because they are horny. The song rises up to a heart-stopping climax, then we get that old school dubstep which sounds so crispy. As drop one finishes up, the second drop comes in and starts taking command. Drop 2 adds some crazy headbanging bass along with metallic leads and damn bruv, I’m ready to start throwing my ass in a circle. 

We head back to the eerie chime and the horny horns before the third drop. The Slang Dogs bring out the yoy for the very last drop of the song. And ya know, the yoy fits, it’s a classic dubstep sound and everyone else can leave me alone, yoy’s belong in every song in the universe.

The Slang Dogs have been on a roll when it comes to releasing absolute BANGERS. They recently released remixes of Eliminate’sYou’re Gonna Love Me” with Veepot, as well as Badrapper’sVersace Pills.” They got a whole lotta bass for your earholes, but not just bass music. The dogs are also masters of dnb and house music and, honestly, I could go for a slutty Slang Dogs dnb or house set.

Listen to “Radio React” by Slang Dogs here:

Simp over the Slang Dogs
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