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Get ready, everyone! Flux Pavilion is back with his new song “Sink Your Teeth In.” This gorgeous song is the peak of Flux’s melodic soundscape – which gives us a preview for what is in store for his upcoming album. 

He recently joined forces with Feed Me and Meesh to work on “Survive.” Both of these new collaborations show the growth of Flux Pavilion and his transition into his new area of sound. This new area for him involves with creating his own electric guitars fans have seen on social media to synths while also jumping into an array of analogue equipment. 

flux pavilion sink your teeth in

“Sink Your Teeth In” is filled with energetic vibes and a pumping percussion that will have you on your feet, ready to dance all night long with your friends. It is uplifting and dreamy, almost making you feel as if you are on cloud 9. It features and anticipatory buildup and an invigorating drop. The track is also adorned with the luscious vocals from Drowsy

Flux Pavilion gifting to the world “Sink Your Teeth In” is very important. We have all come to love the sound he has created, but to see him grow as an artist is huge! Plus, change is good and this new album from Flux is going to show his new side, which we cannot wait to hear!

Stream “Sink Your Teeth In” down below! Out now on Circus Records:

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