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Cloudchord. Birocratic. Ian Ewing.
Louis Futon. Martin Vogt. Dominic Lalli.

I’M IN AMBIENT LOFI SAXOPHONE HEAVEN. I can’t believe that a track passed through Twitter could end up this BEAUTIFUL, but alas here we are. I know you probably thought you read that incorrectly, but yes, this lofty, ambient slice-of-breeze-on-a-summer-day started as a beat that was passed through Twitter mentions. Somehow, it ended up featuring a stacked list of producers, evolving into the calming lofi tune you hear today. 

This track genuinely soothed my anxiety and took me to a place so familiar, but so far away. The distant sound of saxophones echoing from the stages at a festival, the breeze you feel on your skin walking from set to set, the calming tone of someone you love whispering in your ear. This track is meant to be felt, not heard. Perhaps one of the best things about it is that you can listen to it deeply and hear all of the intricate instruments, or play it as you accomplish anything and have it be like soothing tea to your eardrums. I could truly go on and on about it because it really is the song of my sunset-highway-driving dreams. 

You have to listen. There is genuinely no one whose ears would disagree with this track. Bigggg kudos to everyone involved in putting together this auditory masterpiece, and if you don’t believe me, go ahead and listen below. 

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