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Rome in Silver released yet another hit, “YOKO”! It’s a trance-pop mix that creates a collision of chill vibes and musicality not heard in a long time.

The track contains pop-like beat immediately sucks you in just as any catchy tune should. Suddenly, there are these bursts of elongated bass drops and melodic changes that seem to be gateways to each new element introduced in the track. Ever so faintly are these sounds of real-life and nature.

With all that’s going on, it seems as if the song was created to remind us of a simpler time

The song taps into that warm nostalgic feeling we all enjoy every now and again. In these constantly changing times, a song like is a great way to pass our quarantine boredom.

The California producer continues to show consistency with every track laid before. You hear these incredibly timed echos that mix together both melodies and bass. It almost plays a trick on your ears for just a moment that sounds like you’ve been transported to another peaceful time. All along, this very subtle crescendo is building into a beat drop that takes you into a completely different direction.

At one point in the song, there’s a build-up to silence almost as to make you think the song is over creating that sense of fear; but just as fast as it happens it’s gone. A euphoric like feeling falls on you. In that split-second, relief overcomes you and the beat races as to be matching the beat of your heart racing in excitement.

It’s easy to listen, relax, and repeat “YOKO” over and over again. Not just to pass this time on your staycation, but to really hear the true complexity in every layer of the track. “Rome in Silver” has created a masterpiece in every sense of the word. It’s beautifully simple and heartwarmingly energetic.

Listen to Rome In Silver “YOKO” here

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