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We’ve long been waiting like hell for this bonkers Ravenscoon Halloween Mix, and without a doubt you’re going to be playing this every day.

For the most part, when the Electric Hawk Team hears new Ravenscoon dropped, we stop what we’re doing and listen. Known for dropping story-telling songs, like ‘Hex’ with Viskus, and mixes with a vast amount of depth and detail, and every release feels like a journey of its very own.

At nearly a whopping two hours, this spooky mix is packed full of jaw-dropping transitions, epic mash-ups that breathe an entirely new energy into old songs, and plenty of shredding bass music and gripping atmospheres that flow seamlessly together from start to finish that wrap this incredible piece of work from Ravenscoon up into your next favorite mix.

I’m happy to present to you my third annual halloween mix.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday – I love how it gives people the freedom to be whoever they want to be, even if just for a night. 

Halloween represented freedom and creativity to me. A time to celebrate things that are seen as frightening or taboo. I normally opted for scary costumes and would hide in the bushes around my house to scare people. I have a lot of fond memories of this time of year in northern Atlanta. The whole neighborhood would shut down and all my friends and I would gang together to get as much candy as we possibly could and shove them in pillow cases. Georgia that time of year is still warm, but nights carry a nice crisp chill to them. It was a simpler time for me, something I will cherish for my lifetime. 

Halloween, representing freedom, fright, and creativity – is exactly how I approach building my live sets. I like having moments of utter cacophony and noise, moments of slow beauty, moments of horror, moments of emotion and sadness. 

I bring my ATL roots with me wherever I go, mixing in “old school” hip hop acapellas with new school bass music. 

I hope that you appreciate the intricacy and messages I’ve woven into this mix. Everything has been mixed LIVE with my controller, just how I would during a live performance. Until now, I had held back many of these mashups and sections for my live sets, however I think its time to give you a peek into what I’ve been up to.

I approach every set as a DJ before a producer, so you’ll find sections with popular tracks, some sections with unknown tracks, and some sections with tracks from me and my friends.

I really hope you enjoy. Thanks for supporting me – it means the world to me.

Paul Conversano aka Ravenscoon

Trust us, within 20 minutes you’ll be wanting to see him live. And luckily, if you’re headed to Bassnectar’s Freakstyle weekend in Grand Rapids, Michigan, you’ll have this chance on Halloween night for a solid after party. Tickets available here.

Listen to Ravenscoon’s Halloween 2019 Mix below.

Photo by: shotsbycarl


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