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This week’s Electric Hawk Exclusive Premiere comes from 19K’s label boss himself, Dirt Monkey, and a sick roster of friends to follow suit. The Dirt Monkey & Friends EP includes collaborations from dubstep favorites Boogie T, sfam, TYNAN, and Wolf-e-Wolf. Dirt Monkey never fails to push limits with each project he touches and this EP is nothing short of that. Dirt Monkey & Friends consists of four unique tracks that embody the power of friendship and the creativity that comes along with it. Electric Hawk got the privilege to premiere “Blaze,” featuring TYNAN, and boy are you in for a treat.

Did someone say HONK SAUCE!?

“Blaze” is legit all gas, no brakes. The layered bass builds up to the first drop and drips in what our favorite monkey consistently provides to dubstep. His forward-thinking edge makes this track cunning, as the two creative minds can be distinctively heard. In comes the second drop and TYNAN is written all over it. With the addition of hardstyle, this track gets sent up into smoke sending us all into a blaze.

Check out what Dirt Monkey & TYNAN have going on, below… YES, it’s out!

A message from the dirtiest monkey himself.

Every song in this EP has its own little story, but the point I’m trying to drive home with it is: DO RAD SHIT WITH YOUR FRIENDS! I’ve actually spent a lot of time on the road with all these guys and it makes me so happy to have it all packed up as one powerhouse of bass music. Also, shout-out to my son Niko for providing background vocals on “First Try” with Boogie T.”

Dirt Monkey
Dirt Monkey & Friends EP
Dirt Monkey with his son, Niko, posted via Twitter

Shout out to dads!!!

A label owner, producer, DJ, friend, husband… Dirt Monkey can really do it all. The foundation sound established by this banana-loving, dubstep king has made waves within the electronic scene for years. Between juggling everything life can throw our way into being a talented legend, it should come as no surprise he’s featured on heavy-hitting collabs time and time again. And he does it so graciously performing live sets with no shoes on, barefoot. Trust me when I say I’ve seen it live in action with my own eyes.

OK, I’m done fangirling. Be sure to pre-save the Dirt Monkey & Friends EP for your chance to win a signed Dirt Monkey exclusive Kendama!

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