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Celebrating another rotation around the sun, Player Dave delves into alluring soundscapes with brand new single, “Dumb,” preceding his debut, full-length album Where The Wind Blew Me. There is no hesitation saying that, in listening to this lone snippet from the album, we are without a doubt looking at his most bona fide work to date.

Defying the laws of matter, “Dumb” is audible gold, melted down and poured into every spare space of the single.

Differentiating from Player Dave’s previous releases, the new single also features his own vocals, adding a sultry extra element to the layers of production. The lyrics dance lightly atop a creamy synth and percussion-filled melody. It’s so catchy, he makes it challenging to find yourself not humming it absentmindedly throughout your day.

It’s no secret Player Dave has been one of our favorite artists for quite some time now. His growing discography consists of heavenly original singles such as “Observations,” along with a long list of collaborations with artists including quickly quickly and Saka. Distinguishing his own sound, he covers the spectrum effortlessly between downtempo, moody lo-fi, as well as freeform bass.

There’s no explanation needed as to why we’ve been wrapped around his finger, and he even made an appearance during the Lost Dogz takeover of our very own Harmony virtual music festival last May. Everything in his past has led up to the making of “Dumb” and, after this, we are bursting at the seams for the album. Where The Wind Blew Me is slated for release this March 26.

For now, listen to “Dumb” by Player Dave below and let us know your thoughts!

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