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Underground heavyweight MYTHM brings the heat with a new Electric Hawk Premiere of “DREAD.” This is from the four-track EP, ANARCHY, out with the forward-thinking label Wormhole Music Group. MYTHM smashes this one using a 120 halftime groove and basslines that would have you thinking he’s a veteran. Using dark gritty tones and slow creeping movements, MYTHM creates a distinctly ominous vibe with this new track. “DREAD” is one of those tunes that will make listeners fall out of their seats.

While the flow of the beats on this EP vary vastly, the rest of the tunes on the EP carry a similar dark theme. One thing is for sure, MYTHM was not playing games with this release. The ANARCHY EP is both bold and dynamic in its use of percussion and distorted basses. All four tracks carry unique and jaw-dropping textures.

MYTHM has been harnessing his sound over the last couple of years. With multiple exceptional releases, he is really starting to hit his stride this year. The new EP is set to release with Wormhole on October 27th and is jam-packed with hard beats. Keep an eye out for this talent, he is going to be a force in the industry next year.

Check out the premiere of “DREAD” by MYTHM here:

Wormhole Wednesday will also be hosting a release party for the EP. You can tune in on October 28th to watch MYTHM do his thing here.

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