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Chris Comisar, known best under the Comisar moniker, has just unleashed a packed EP. Becoming features six unique tracks and has been strategically released the day before opening at CloZee‘s curated event that will take place at the Terry Bison Ranch this weekend. Alongside Comisar are a few other incredibly talented artists we’ve had our eyes on for quite some time. NotLö, Tripp St., INZO, and LSDream will all be there. Fans heading to Cheyenne are in for a real treat. This release couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

If CloZee and ODESZA were ever to collaborate on a track, it’d probably sound something like “Seeker.” 

Comisar continues to move through genres with his latest release. He really brings those soothing downtempo tones to life. The dreamy yet uplifting beats take listeners on quite the ride. Melodic bass, blended with glitch-hop, has quickly become something he’s known best for. Feelings of euphoria immediately arise within all of those who choose to dive in.

It is an absolutely enthralling track that Electric Hawk is ecstatic to premiere. Dazzling, with a dash of eclectic uptempo, Comisar hits all ends of the sound spectrum. Blissful synths and psychedelic bass make it all too easy to get entangled in. Come take a quick sonic trip.

Keep your eyes open as Comisar continues to make waves in the industry.

Comisar has already made several appearances at large-scale festivals. Electric Forest, The Untz, Sonic Bloom, Summer Camp, and Imagine are just to name a few. Additionally, he has offered support for countless artists at their own shows across the country.

Originally from Ohio, this accomplished producer has already made his way out to Colorado, and finds inspiration in everything that surrounds him. Be sure to check the project out.

Listen to the Electric Hawk Premiere of “Seeker” by Comisar below.

Artwork by Sh1elds

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