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Eclectic duo um.. whipped up “existential bread” in their bakery for this Halloween season. Released on October 22, they gifted Electric Hawk with the exclusive first slice of this track. In “existential bread,” um.. combines their uniquely bouncy yet grimy style with a ghostly atmosphere.

um.. existential bread
um.. performing at The Black Box, shot by Braxx Photography.

Undeniably, um.. has carved out a corner of electronic music that is entirely their own. Their production and sound design enable them to have an immediately recognizable sound. The duo expertly combines grimy elements of bass music and dubstep with the playful aspects of trap music. Since the inception of this duo, um.. have been tastemakers in the underground and beyond.

Particularly, 2021 has been an exciting year to be a fan of um.. with their steady stream of monthly releases. Most recently, they unveiled the halftime-adjacent “we used a synth;” they were also joined by adiidas to enjoy some “cram grackrs” together. With the ever-shifting landscape that is electronic music, um.. manages to keep up while still putting their distinct spin on modern trends. From the iconic “I Don’t Know” drop in 2015 to “skrillex 6” in 2020, critics will find it near impossible to find flaws in their discography. The haunting “existential bread” proves to be a strong addition to their backlog of heat.

“a song about how life hits you when you yeast expect it” – um..

“existential bread” opens with a moaning theremin, quavering like a sad ghost. um.. underlines this melody with wet bass hits and driving hi-hat taps. Punctuating this haunting overlay are otherworldly scratch-like samples. This first half of “existential bread” captures the overwhelming hopelessness associated with an existential crisis; the looming terrors of the world – of this existence – but not holding the power to change any of it.

Cover art for “existential bread,” designed by Ben Bruce of um…

Never keeping things too serious, um.. manipulates vocals within the second half of the track. This introduces that irresistible bounce that is so typical of this duo’s production. Moreover, the pinch of silliness emulates the almost joyful carelessness that comes in the second half of an existential crisis. The realization and acceptance of this meaningless, and finding it strangely hilarious.

um.. knows what it’s like to bake a loaf of “existential bread.” Sometimes, this reality is scarier than any demonic possession or haunted house. With the offering of this playfully spooky track, they hope it offers some reprieve this Halloween season. If a taste of “existential bread” doesn’t quell the fear, buy some tickets and catch them live at an upcoming show!

Grab a slice of “existential bread” from um.. below!

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