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Sometimes, we just need a little shift in our mindset to get a better understanding of what truly is going on in our surroundings. And it seems like the Denver-based producer Brendan Bell, known as Covex, does. Covex releases his debut album to the world, A Change of Perspective with Moving Castle. Seemingly, this is a massive life-changing experiencing for the rising underground artist. Covex is ready to showcase his talents and vision by turning our worlds around and give us a brand new point-of-view.  

Covex A Change of Perspective
Photo by: Hudson Ratzlaff (@hudsonratz) 

A closer look into A Change of Perspective

This album is a message to myself. No matter how hard things may seem, it’s important to remember there’s always a different perspective. It’s a reminder to think more positively; don’t dwell on the things you don’t have control over. Experience more life, build beautiful friendships, love with all your heart, forgive and forget, laugh more, see the beauty in everything and everyone, make mistakes, love yourself… Please, love yourself. I found what I was looking for in this album, I hope you can too.

– Covex

The album starts with such a melodic and colorful track, “Smile,” to set the mood and direction of where we are going. The soft tones leading into a picturesque landscape that Covex is slowly painting for us. We opened the door into his world as we feel the love and warmth build upon ourselves. “Smile” brings you that bright chipper feeling you need to start your day as the song blends into “Lucky Ones” featuring Olivia Ray.

“Lucky Ones” is a beautiful reminder for special people that are involved in our lives. To appreciate having someone in our lives that we truly love enough to be blessed we have them in our lives. While Olivia Ray sings, “If you want someone for life, take your hand and run. If you ever needed the courage to take a leap and tell the ones we love that we love them and appreciate them, better get on it.

And we take a moment to slowly shift our world in the album.

Now we slow it down for a moment and grab the piano for this one. “To Be Alone” gives us the opportunity to slow down the pace and reflect. While we close our eyes and pay attention to the elegant production in the track from the guitar-riffs, intricate percussion, and angelic vocals – the track reflects on wanting love. From a different point of view, of being afraid of love again after a breakup. It goes to show that Covex isn’t afraid to open up about something we can all relate to. Sometimes love can be so beautiful, and sometimes it can also be painful and scary.

As we continue to stare into the reflection of our lives, we tend to wander into the dark elements in our lives. With “Regret,” it is that heavy-hitting that track that is made to go on a night drive. To clear your head as you drive aimlessly; as you fight through the intrusive thoughts that you are encountering at the moment. Covex has crafted the perfect track to release the tension in our lives. we listen to the cinematic buildup and heavy-synth built track.

There seems to always be some bittersweet moments when we reminisce about our youth. “Younger” featuring MOONZz shares the pleasures and pains of growing up. The whimsical atmosphere throughout the track allows for MOONz to shine, allowing the lyrics to flow and float around you.

I remember when I started this song, I wanted to create something that had a really sweet feeling to it. Something that reminded me of being youthful and curious about the world. The instrumental went through about five versions until I landed on the final, which I then asked MOONZz to sing on and she took it to a new level. I’m really happy how this turned out, I hope this reminds you of what it’s like to be young again.


Now we are floating through the Covex’s universe

In contrast to the rest of the album, we take on a darker side of what Covex has for us. This time focusing on the toxic emotions that come with being stuck in a toxic situation with “Fallin’ Back.” In the perspective of someone who can’t seem to break the cycle of an unhealthy love, you can hear how those feelings are encapsulated in the track. From the driven repetitive kicks, mimicking the endless anxiety that is being built throughout our bodies. This track showcases the negatives that can happen in life – that anyone can fall for someone that will end up hurting them in the end.

Time to kick it into hyper-drive, “Negative Space” featuring ELDAR setting the cinematic stage for what is next. Blasting off into the galaxy and watching the stars flash around us. The world is spinning fast, and it seems like a good moment to just freeze time. After all, there is so much beauty to be witnessed.

And as a result of freezing time, we finally get “A Change of Perspective.” The title track gives us the chance to take a deep breath. Then float along to the picturesque soundscapes that have been built throughout the album. The message of all experiences we gain in life, from building friendships, losing loved ones, and fighting battles. There seems to always be a different lens we can look through. Once we finish wandering through and seek the answers we are longing for, we can finally soar and fly high.

We have come to the finale. Nevertheless, “For the Love” is the feel-good track that warps the bow for A Change of Perspective. The track starting out with old recordings from a childhood that repeats throughout the track, “I’ll build rocketships”. The dreamy melodies bring out the smile in our hearts. Covex gives an elegant ending to this debut album, allowing us to feel the happiness and love that can be built in our hearts.

After all this is just the beginning of Covex’s year.

With the massive reception of the singles of A Change of Perspective from receiving strong placements in playlists from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Soundcloud – Covex isn’t ready to slow down when sharing his world. In the meantime, Covex has teamed with LA-based company VNYL to produce a one-of-a-kind vinyl for the project. The vinyl, available for pre-order now on Covex’s website, is pressed in gold and features a booklet filled with exclusive artwork & track descriptions from the artist. While also releasing a small line of merchandise with a t-shirt and crop-top as well.

With the album now released, Covex has a few DJ tour dates in Brooklyn, NY, and Philadelphia, PA. In addition to a massive opportunity to open for Big Gigantic at Red Rocks for ROWDYTOWN IX – Covex seems to have an exciting rest of the year along the way. Stay tuned for more announcements from Covex after the album release, as he prepares for live performances throughout the Fall and Winter and more exclusive releases for his fans. 

Listen to the album below and let us know if you have “A Change of Perspective” after listening to Covex’s debut album!

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