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As we cruise the roads, through the radio waves, the UK Garage rising star MPH presents us his debut LP,132.00FM, released on February 3rd through Night Bass. During the sonic adventures through the static transmission, MPH carries us between elegant and dark blissful moments on our drive. Now is the time to sit back, windows down, and feel the electricity in the air as we crank the volume up on the 132.00FM station! And before turning off stay at the end of the broadcast for an exclusive interview with MPH about 132.00FM.

MPH - 132.00FM Cover Art

“MPH really came onto my radar in 2020. His music was starting to feel a bit more mature, I knew I wanted to work with this budding producer. We started talking and I ended up putting his song ‘Come Back’ on our Night Bass Freshman Vol 4 compilation. The song did really well and sparked an ongoing relationship between MPH and Night Bass. Myles has come a very long way and continues to grow as an artist. I’m very excited to help him present his album to the world through Night Bass. This album is meant to be listened to in its entirety and takes you on a journey. With Night Bass we’ve always strived to break new sounds and exciting new artists, MPH fits this mold perfectly.”

AC Slater

Embracing the longing journey that MPH brings us with his debut LP!

As we hop into the passenger seat, glancing at the horizon we notice the “-Sunset-“ peaking through the mountains and buildings. Feeling the crisp air along our fingertips, the sparkling emotions build within. MPH settles us in for a ride as the engine begins to rev and the intensity accelerates. Finally, with the sky turning into dusk and the gleaming lights of the city brightening, we are halted at the stoplight. “All is right with the world” at this very moment while we wait for the light to turn green. Indeed, our minds have no “Doubt” about the journey ahead for our evening. This time, once the light flashes green, we feel the full turbulent kinetic energy in the vehicle. Unable to sit still, our hair blows through the wind as we hear the wobbling drums in the background.

The frequencies shift tones for a brief moment and the atmosphere feels heavier than before. “Ghost” introduces us to a lively track that combines the gritty, exhilarating elements of bass house with UK Garage. The adrenaline-fueled bassline drives the intensity from within and immerses us into a more animated version of ourselves. MPH revives that youthful spirit that remains dormant, waiting for that “Rush” to awaken it. Alongside the darker soundscapes, the hauntingly alluring vocals from Cecelia deliver a chilling shock through our bodies. Her voice carries along a dynamic force through the dance floor that only raises the temperature of the room. In the end, we continue craving that rush once more.

The airwaves shift in 132.00FM reminds us of joyful moments in our lives

Now, with more static obstructions through the airwaves, the channels transform to a more vibrant tone. “-Sunrise-” embodies that jubilant spirit you feel with your mates during the peak club hours, or even simply the radiant sunrays that warm our skin on a summer day. MPH transports us to those dreamy energies as we move to “California.” The track carries a dazzling light as MPH shares the beautiful tones that come from UK Garage. MPH gives the listeners an opportunity to escape for a brief moment; to feel the crisp and luscious elements we desire.

To conclude the transmission comes some divine “R&R”. A collaboration with long-time friend Hamdi, the duo returns to illustrate a very timeless track that fully captures these tiny moments in our lives. “R&R” closes out the debut LP from MPH in remembrance of just enjoying oneself instead of getting lost in the transmission of everyday life. With 132.00FM, the LP becomes this eternal statement of escapism and fully embracing our inner spirit. Naturally, 132.00FM evolves into a project to add to a daily rotation as we embark on whatever journey is ahead of us.

MPH Press Photo
Photo Credit: Leo Lightfoot

seradopa: For being one the most anticipated projects for myself personally, what were your main inspirations for this album? You have tracks like “California” and “Sunrise” are these experiences you try to emulate through your music?

MPH: I’ve always wanted to make a seamless listening experience from an album, heavily inspired by those classic US hip-hop albums (Nas, Biggie, Kendrick) whose songs blend into the next telling a story of some kind. With “Sunrise” & “Sunset”, they were made to help transition the general vibe of the LP from being quite bass-heavy and dark at the start to then being more light and melodic towards the end of the LP.

seradopa: Since this is your debut LP, how nerve-racking is it for you to finally have this project released to everyone? Did this LP come naturally for you or have you been building and creating this for quite some time? And also was there some internal pressure for yourself while creating the LP and how did you personally relieve those pressures?

MPH: I finished this project in January 2022, been sitting on this project for so long and also listening through the tracks over and over again I guess my judgment was slightly clouded and I was really worried about how many tracks I put in and the overall structure/theme. There were a lot of doubts from myself (pardon the pun) that this project wouldn’t stand up to previous releases on Night Bass but again this is me just in my own head, I always expect the worst.

The LP came quite naturally as all of the bass tracks had already been finished and I had been playing them out in my sets, so I had a good idea of how the tracks would do. The UKG tracks were made specifically for this project. I find UKG comes a lot more naturally to me as it’s a lot more timeless & melodic.

seradopa: What track would say went through many versions?

MPH: “Rush” with Cecelia went through many changes, Carrie actually wrote the lyrics to a completely different idea I sent her. I decided to put the vocals on something a bit more dark & gritty, this track easily went through about 15 versions before myself and Carrie were truly happy with it. It was mostly the structure of the track and mixdown that took the longest to figure out.

seradopa: I noticed that this is your second collaboration with Hamdi since “Nobody” back in 2021. How did it feel to reconnect for creating the closing track to your debut LP?

MPH: It’s always a pleasure to work with Hamdi as he brings such a unique approach to studio sessions. I think it started with him sending me a basic loop and then we just expanded on that. “R&R” feels like the perfect end to this project.

seradopa: Your music seems to encapsulate this timeless energy that people crave to embody forever when they are out and about in their adventures with friends and loved ones. For you, when it comes to producing these tracks or even crafting a live set, what are you envisioning inside your mind as the perfect environment to be listening to your music?

MPH: I’ve always wanted to make music that you can listen to in multiple different environments. I feel that a lot of my tracks you can listen to both in a club at a peak time & also in more chilled settings like a bus/train journey or at pre-drinks.

seradopa: As a rising artist within the UKG scene yourself, how much have you enjoyed seeing the expansion of the genre growing outside and spreading in the US with Garage and other parts of the world?

MPH: When I first started producing I knew UKG wasn’t a trending genre, but growing up I was heavily influenced by legends such as DJ EZ I knew I always wanted to make UKG. It’s really sick to see it having such a resurgence lately with loads of new up & comers from both the UK & all over the world, Night Bass has played a huge part in pushing that sound over to the states. I constantly get messages asking when I’m coming to play all these different states in the US so I can’t wait to get over there!

seradopa: You’ve been within the Night Bass community since 2020, how surreal has it been for you as a producer to get such a beloved community backing you? Also along with that what are the emotions flowing with having the bossman AC Slater being a mentor and also a friend along this journey?

MPH: It’s inspiring that not only my music can reach the other side of the world, but also have support from such a pioneer of the scene. AC Slater & Night Bass have always been amazing to work with, they have put so much faith in me & my music. The Night Bass community is incredible as well, a few guys will know the name of my track before I have even finished the song, as said before I can’t wait to get out there & play some shows!

“I truly believe that MPH is ‘up next’ in dance music. His productions are a masterful mix of beauty and grit, with sound design and grooves that are very often imitated, but never duplicated.”

AC Slater

seradopa: It must be wild to think of the journey you have gone through with your career, if you had to look back at the artist you were back at the beginning of your career, what would you mention to him back then?

MPH: Yeah I don’t stop enough and look back at how far I’ve come. I think the only thing I would tell my past self is to be consistent as possible & not be an idiot online.

Photo Credit: Leo Lightfoot

Turn the volume dial as you listen to MPH and his debut LP 132.00FM

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