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We’re excited to present an exclusive premiere of Mistah Dill and his special remix of a Zeds Dead classic, “Lift You Up.

Hailing from Michigan, Mistah Dill continuously wows his listeners, release after release. No matter the genre, he’ll provide a unique experience, whether it’s through headphones or at a live set. This diversity stems from the few years he’s made music and perfected his style. Now he’s a household name in bass music and has displayed his skills as support for many prominent artists, such as Super Future, Of The Trees, and EAZYBAKED. With this in mind, Mistah Dill’s ability to adapt to the headliner and the crowd makes his performances worthwhile.

Likewise, Dill’s latest release is just as worthy, so we’re providing you with the first listen!

crowd shot of Mistah Dill on the Mersiv tour
Photo by: Connor Clouds

The classic essence of Zeds Dead & Delta Heavy was preserved, but with a bit of pizzazz.

Delta Heavy and Zeds Dead are well-known in electronic music, and over the years, they’ve simultaneously inspired many younger artists, including Mistah Dill. However, it can be nerve-racking to remix a vintage track, but we genuinely think he did it justice!

Luckily the best features of the original “Lift You Up” were kept intact, for example, the drum and bass tempo and catchy lyrics. While the remix is still a high-energy song, he tamed the chaotic thrashing into a nice groove. It’s playful, yet there’s some oomph added underneath that will make you go, “ooooh!”

Mistah Dill Lift You Up Remix cover art
Art by: HandJelly

Undoubtedly, the excitement surrounding the “Lift You Up” remix is palpable. Also, seeing what genre Mistah Dill will take on next is always delightful. Listen below, and let us know what you think!

Here’s the first listen of the “Lift You Up” Remix by Mistah Dill!

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