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Manic Focus opens up to listeners about his mental health through the Never Not Blue LP on March 16th. The genre-diverse artist brings his unique sound to the LP with blends of funk, hip-hop, and flares of heavy dubstep. Metaphorically speaking about his bipolar I diagnosis and the struggles behind his episodes, each track represents his truths behind feeling manic. The album touches on the emotional battles within, with its vibrancy bringing to light his strong will to persevere.

“This album is very special to me. It will take you on a journey through many of the emotions I experience in a manic episode – from the confidence, through the chaos, to the euphoric states, but ultimately ending on a positive note.”

Manic Focus

Staying afloat among stages of mania.

Manic Focus guides us through different emotional states throughout Never Not Blue, with interludes highlighting stages of mania. We begin synchronization with his groovy collab with Marvel Years, preparing us for an “illa Mind” state. The intense, chaotic stage disconnecting him from reality is represented using heavy bass in his already-released track, “Blamma.” The delirious manic stage that comes with temporary confusion can be disorienting yet euphoric. “Here For It” begins with captivating piano keys, allowing the listener to feel that euphoric moment. Experimental elements greet us, tying in feelings of disorientation paired with melodies carrying us afloat.

We then travel through an “Introverted” mindset, with heavy wobbles and lyrics expressing strength in being alone. Animosity and depressive thoughts are lightened up with reassurance and words of loving affirmation. He refers to this as the healing stage, and uplifts the listener with harmonic sampling in “Good Intentions.”

Listeners move further away from synchronization and travel outside the mind, with galactic feels and worldly soundscapes. Manic Focus’ collab with Balakan Bump ft. Chika Di, has fiery Spanish vocals and dominating instrumental horns. The instrumentals continue to desynchronize, concluding the album with a light-hearted orchestral sampling.

Persevere with Manic Focus and check out the Never Not Blue LP here!

The Never Not Blue Tour is hitting legendary venues like Red Rocks Amphitheater and Summer Camp Music Festival. Bringing this album’s message with him, Manic Focus is ready to share these live experiences with fans across the country. Uniquely curated, each tour stop is accompanied by some of our favorites like Jaenga, Boogie T, and Meduso.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind connection with Manic Focus, and catch the Never Not Blue Tour at a stop near you!

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