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Mistah Dill – rising bass producer – dropped his debut EP Sound Boy. With much growth and exploration, the Mean Mug Music artist brought a lot to the table here. Taking inspiration from artists such as Tsuruda, Bassnectar, and Liquid Stranger, Sound Boy holds gritty freeform bass, hip-hop influences, fun drum patterns, and more.

We knew Mistah Dill was on the brink of something bigger after hearing his killer singles, “Get Down” and “All Things Living” – a collab with EYE.

Sound Boy holds four tracks, all unique in their own. What’s nice is they still hold that cohesiveness that makes you appreciate the artist’s diversity and the project as a whole.

“Radio Feedback” explores DnB and halftime like patterns with digital sound designs. With more elusive builds and old-school dubstep kick/drum, “Sound Boy” keeps it rockin’. Next, “Love, Life” really highlights the fun freeform bass sounds and drum beats Mistah Dill loves. To conclude the new EP, “New World Order” features rap vocals over a fast breakbeat with ambient synths to balance.

Listen to Mistah Dill’s Sound Boy here

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