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Repeatedly Mistah Dill proves his versatility, and with his new Impassioned EP, we also get a glimpse of his softer side. Including four liquid drum and bass tracks, this unique project has been in the works for over a year, and Mistah Dill is so excited to finally share it with the world!

“This project is a cohesive and emotional journey through sound that shows more of a raw side of me. I put all of myself into this project; Every feeling, good or bad, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I hope these songs resonate with the listener to help them heal from whatever life may be throwing at them. I had so much fun during this process and learned so much about myself along the way.”

– Mistah Dill
Mistah Dill Impassioned
Art by: HandJelly

“Crazy & Beautiful” is the first light-hearted track off the EP and will quickly have the listener at ease. So melodic, so elegant; this one will have you groovin’ like you’re floating through clouds. Next is our favorite, “Pure Joy. Coinciding with its name, the bouncy flow creates such a carefree vibe. Picture this: it’s summertime, and you’re driving down an empty road with the windows down. While this song plays through the speakers, you feel the warm breeze whisking through your hair; at that moment, everything feels like it’s going to be okay. In other words, it’s a treat when artists like Mistah Dill can generate such raw emotion like that through their music!

Impassioned: (adj.) filled with or showing great emotion; there’s nothing like music that makes the listener feel something.

Mistah Dill Impassioned
Captured by: Connor Clouds

Similarly, “Impassioned” is another sentimental tune. The faster tempo infused with wonky knocks makes it hard not to dance along. Adoration is the theme, while the vocal interlude(s) reminds us to do things with passion or not at all. Last but not least, the EP finishes with “You & I, which perfectly embodies the feeling of love. Mistah Dill pulls at our heartstrings, not only with this song but with the entire EP!

It’s been an eventful summer for Mistah Dill, thanks to his hardworking team at Mean Mug. He’s graced the stages at festivals such as Kosmic Kingdom, Sound Haven, and multiple Electric Forest renegades. Now that his exceptional Impassioned EP is released, what’s next? Tap in below to find out!

Feel all the feels & dive into the Impassioned EP by Mistah Dill below!

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