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Cover photo by Kendall (KLPhotos)

Underground producer, Mistah Dill, transports listeners to a place of peace with his most recent endeavor. In celebration of one year to the Mistah Dill project, he has self-released a beautiful remix of “Sudden Stops” by Sayr, and it’s dreamy. We can’t bail on quarantine quite yet, but popping on some headphones and vibing to Mistah Dill’s “Sudden Stops” bootleg might help you escape to a new state .. of mind. *ba dum tss*

Mistah Dill’s rework is light and airy, it brings a new ethereal spark to the track.

The rustling of leaves and the relaxing sound of birds chirping fill the space, contributing to the tranquil feeling. Beautifully flowing in, the drum pad and manipulated vocals bring a strong new story to the piece. The lush and lively synths fluttering bring a new element to this downtempo track that makes the emotion feel so surreal in the moment, yet go by so fast.

Kick back, take a long deep breath, and fall into a dream state with us.

Listen to the Mistah Dill bootleg of Sayr’s “Sudden Stops” here:

Along with the release of the track, he also collaborated with alien visualz, and flow friend, Dotti, on a video visualizer.

VIDEO BY: _alien.visualz_
FLOW ARTIST: Dotti (@A_dotsss)

Happy one year to the project, Connor! Keep pushing yourself into the direction your heart takes you; Electric Hawk is excited to see where it goes.

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