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The longing search for answers is a feeling we all truly know very well, and upcoming artist Klo showcases those emotions with her addictive new single “Closure.” This one unpacks the hardships and aches that linger in our hearts from relationships and how many people end things by phone or “ghosting.” Klo encompasses these feelings and releases a sentimental message for us who are chasing unanswered questions.

Klo Closure

Klo brings us the perfect coming-of-age track for the summer with “Closure.”

Klo Closure

Immediately, we are teleported into those moments in our lives where are pacing around staring at our phones. Naturally waiting for that singular message to illuminate onto our screen but instead, we’re staring at the reflection of ourselves. Klo brings those fluttering feelings that fill our chests through her shimmering synths. Alongside, we are continuously hearing the ethereal and dreamy vocals from Klo’s friend, Jessica Schwartz, capturing the exact thoughts that race through our minds. “Closure” elevates the tingling sensations that crawl from our feet to our head only to liberate us from those constant internal battling of longing for an answer.

Nonetheless, Klo delivers that raw-sentimental track that allows us to reminisce about moments of craving closure. The track brings a euphoric atmosphere that grants us to unleash all those hidden feelings. Despite fighting for those answers from a relationship, Klo softly reminds us of closing a chapter even without those answers. In the end, Klo gives the audience a track you’ll play on repeat on those long summer nights.

Klo is only just beginning her journey!

The recently graduated college artist, from Boulder, CO to Los Angeles, is now ready to take on what is next in her journey. After a short hiatus from releasing music, it didn’t seem to slow her down. Back in April this year, she performed at the legendary Red Rocks opening for Galantis and 3LAU. Nevertheless, the emerging artist is ready to bring forth her vision and showcases what she has been creating over the years. Already planning to release more singles throughout the year and into 2023. It’s only just the beginning of what we are about to see from Klo in the upcoming months. Klo is an artist to keep on your radar for the remainder of 2022 and watch her continuously growing in the scene.

Still looking for the “Closure” you need? Just look below!

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