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The self-described “experimental bass” duo, LoTemp, returns with a spine-chilling track, “UDK,” that does all kinds of things to your insides… in the best way possible.

Lotemp UDK

The 24-bpm track titled “UDK” is a song that creeps up on you, slowly engulfing your senses and mind until you belong to their sound. The beginning is a slow, bass melody mixed with distorted words. It evolves to heavier synths that is almost hip-hop reminiscent, and downright filthy.

Although this is one of many tracks given to us by LoTemp. From other heaters such as “Mr Producer,” to being featured on Spicy Bois compilation album, Floppi Disk. These versatile producers are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

And with their unique sound design and creativity that is deeply inspired by hip-hop, LoTemp beautifully combines the two styles and gives this track an intimidating feel. They are definitely ones to watch out for, 2020 is the year of the LoTemp Dab!

Listen to “UDK” below.

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