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LoTemp released their first track following the big announcement that they will be playing the first ever Wakaan Music Festival. This rising duo from Kansas City comprised of Cody Hannah and Dylan Hochanadel, are one of the few smaller names that came with the drop. After listening to this track, it’s evident as to why they were one of the talents included.

The track, ‘Mr. Producer‘, is the perfect way to prepare for the Area 51 raid, if that’s your thing. Reminiscent of the don EPROM, listening to this will make you feel as if you are running through a dark, smoke filled room trying to avoid the inevitable amount of lasers being shot in your direction.

LoTemp is slowly but surely spreading their elusive blend of hip-hop influenced beats amongst the fans of many music collectives including our favorite Spicy Bois, Aspire Higher, Surrealist Records and beyond. Be sure to catch their set at Wakaan and Dancefestopia. We will surely be on the lookout for future releases from this hard-hitting duo.


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