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Days after hitting 6K followers on Soundcloud, the Spicy Bois blessed us with 14 heavy-hitting tracks and we cannot stop obsessing over it. “Floppi Disk” came in hot featuring some of our long time friends and artists we just love to support: MeSo, Psyoctave, and others, these tracks are full of that spicy-bass laced sound and killer samples that we can’t seem to get enough of.

The album was planned for release because of the massive coverage that the Spicy Bois had around the US in the past few weekends: Moglee, Viskus and southgate. made an appearance at Backwoods, ION and Bagsss hitting heavy at the Untz, and MeSo, LoTemp and MixedMind burned Kosmic Kingdom to the ground. Let’s not forget about the surprise takeover at the GoodBus at Summer Camp a few weeks back, either. Coming off this sound journey we felt it necessary to highlight some of our favorite tracks.

Only two songs in Hedron, báwldy, and MeSo hit us with the appropriately named track, “SHLAPPER” and the heavy hitter does exactly that. This song starts off with a slow build up of vibrational lows and the first drop immediately smacks you in the face with that spicy groove we have all come to know and love.

BANKaJi, with his first release with Spicy Bois, starts off his track “D Mamp Camp” with some earth shattering lows to prepare you for the alien sounds that make you feel like you just got a one way ticket to the celestial universe with no promises of returning. If you’re into those complex noises that force you to think “what the fuck” you need to check this track out immediately. The sound design achieved here is top-notch incredible.

It’s no secret that these Spicy Bois are paving their road for the come up and if you haven’t heard by now, it’s best you get familiar. This “Floppi Disk” features 17 different OUTSTANDING artists and we highly suggest you take a listen.

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