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Dylan Hochanadel and Cody Hannah make up the experimental bass duo LoTemp and their Heard It Here First Vol 9 Mix got us all fucked up (in the best way).

Ari Kapner and Heard It Here First Blog have been shedding light on super-talented underground artists for a while now. And of course, that’s something we can support!

While experimental bass is something that Electric Hawk loves, my writeups show that it has not always been my specialty. But once I heard LoTemp throwing down some London Trap in the mix, I couldn’t stop listening to it!

We were so amazed by their talent in blending different genres, and got a chance to ask Dylan of LoTemp a few questions to share with you!

Electric Hawk: LoTemp is constantly described as an experimental bass duo, but in this mix, I’m hearing a lot of London trap influence. Noticeably getting Stooki Sound vibes! We could be totally off about this, but could you tell me more about how you would describe your sound? Who are your influences: electronic, hip-hop, or other?

Dylan: Yes, we are a self-described “experimental bass” duo. However, our style varies widely. We recently performed our first “LoTempo” (Downtempo LoTemp) set in a warehouse in Missouri with DATA_BYTE visuals where we explore the limits of our performance. 

In the past few years, Cody and I have been into UK rap listening to artists like Flowdan, Sam Binga, and Maksim. We’ve been trying to incorporate more UK rap into our performances. However, hip-hop has always been a huge influence on the project. Some of our first tracks we ever made together were heavily influenced by the genre! 

As for other influences, early in my years listening to electronic music I was into artists like Bassnectar, EPROM, G Jones, TroyBoi, Stööki Sound, and HU₵₵I.

EH: Where do you see your sound going in 2020?

Dylan: For this year, we have huge goals for the project. We’d like to release at least two EP’s (one of which is almost complete) and start working on a larger body of work with intentions for a debut album. We’d also like to release more collaborations! As for performances, we’re working on locking down a good number of festival plays, so keep your eyes peeled!

EH: Any upcoming projects you’re excited about and want to share?

Dylan: Nothing that I can speak on – YET! We have a good number of unreleased tunes that we’re ready to share! Keep your eyes peeled!

Now that you’ve learned more about them, get ready to extend your trap arms and bass hands for LoTemp’s Heard It Here Vol. 9 Mix! Expect a lot of throwbacks to throw it back to, and IDs on deck. Keep your ear out for cameos from Electric Hawk artists Wreckno and Super Future too 😏

Listen to LoTemp Heard It Here First Vol 9 Here:

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