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Here at Electric Hawk, we love bringing the spotlight to underground music, but that doesn’t mean we forget the legends who paved the way. London trap duo Stooki Sound has undeniably inspired so many producers, and even though it’s ending, their unique sound will live forever in their music and in the music they’ve influenced throughout the years.

They’ve wiped off most of their social media, leaving a goodbye note for us.

The time has now come where we feel like we have to write our own individual chapters in life and continue down separate paths to greatness…. We love you all and can’t wait to see you as we embark on our individual adventures!

Their last live show together is October 18, during Amsterdam Dance Event. So it seemed like a good time to reflect on everything Stooki Sound has done for the electronic music community.

The trap group is made of DJ Lukey and Jelacee. Emerged Agency describes Stooki Sound as, “one of the three elements of Stööki (Sound, Vision & Play). They present interactive art and immersive events combined to experience and spread the Stööki lifestyle.”


If you’ve been to a trap show in the 5 years, you’ve probably heard a Stooki Sound track. Their grimy, hard-hitting sound can’t be missed.  Better yet, if you’ve been to a Stooki Sound set, consider yourself blessed. (I know I do.)

Just because the producers are going their separate ways, it doesn’t mean you have to stop listening to their music. After all, your faves probably look up to them.

Check out all DJs responding to their breakup post below:

stooki sound goodbye holly.png

stooki sound goodbye eazybaked.png

stooki sound goodbye graves and kayzo.png

stooki sound goodbye hoodboi.png

stooki sound goodbye mize.png

stooki sound goodbye msft..png

 stooki sound goodbye ball trap music.png

stooki sound goodbye  promnite.png

Although unlikely (but not impossible… *cough* TNGHT *cough*), we hope to see the two work together again. And we’ll always be grateful for the footprint they left on trap, bass, and hip-hop beats and in our community.

Listen to Stooki Sound here:

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