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Kompany and his emotionally charged new single “Feel It All” means one thing and one thing only– Melodic Dubstep is f***ing back baby! In a beautiful twist of both old and new styles, Kompany delivers an emotionally charged work of sonic art.

While Kompany is new to the melodic side of bass music, the only way his name is unfamiliar to you is if you’ve been living under a rock for the last 2 years. Krumbo is known for his heavy-hitting, neck-snapping anthems like “Firewall,” and his insane collab with Wooli, “Thiccboi.” His music gets dropped at bass festivals across the country, and hopefully, this track isn’t treated any differently.

“Feel It All” follows the new age melodic dubstep formula of a beautiful, soul-lifting drop. Followed by an immediate shift into a drop so heavy I can feel the pit forming behind me.

Kompany and myself at the Neon Phantom tour in May 2019.

After you finish breaking your back, the track finishes off with a soothing reprise of the original drop. It then goes for the throat with 45 of the most powerful seconds of sound I’ve heard in a long while. I’m talking about the kind of raw emotion that breaks you down in the pouring rain. Or the shower. Ya know, wherever you happen to be listening.

All in all, Kompany delivers a song that does what music is supposed to do. It’s supposed to make you feel something, and this song makes you “Feel It All.”

Listen to “Feel It All” by Kompany below. Out Now on Never Say Die Records:

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