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ALL TREATS, NO TRICKS, BABY. Subtronics is back with his second EP of the year, String Theory. After hearing the Wooli collab played last week in Chicago, I knew we were in for a wild ride with this one. While the world is in absolute shambles, the cyclops king has managed to bring us some of his best work yet, this time featuring the previously mentioned thiccc collab with Wooli and another with Kompany.

Jesse didn’t have to pop off and save 2020, but he did. Bringing us tracks that make us miss live music more than ever just isn’t quite fair. While he’s been popular in the drive-in scene, it just doesn’t hit like it used to. Hopefully we get to hear these live in early 2021 because I can’t wait to get weird to “Nitrous Mafia” and “Clockwork”.

Bringing us 7 insanely unique tracks, String Theory EP shows us the range Subtronics can bring to the table. Like I previously said, “Melt Ur Brain” (featuring Wooli) is THICCC. Hearing Wooli play it out a week prior to the release gave us just a minor glimpse of what was in store. “Wicked Witch” (featuring Kompany) brings us iconic vocal samples leading into robotic drops with similar vibes in the following title track, “String Theory”.

Here’s to hoping we might get a third EP (or an album) before the year ends!

Listen to String Theory EP here!

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