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UK based producer, Kareful has been paving the way for wave music for years now. This trailblazer is back with a bang in 2021 with an exclusive Electric Hawk premiere of his latest release, “She Made Me Cry.” Out via The Wave Stage, you will not want to miss this one.

The EDM subgrenre, wave, has been on the rise since 2014, getting its start in the UK.

If you are unfamiliar with wave, it is time to get in the know! Stemming from trap, jungle, and dub, the bright minds of the UK put wave on the map. Kareful was one of the first and helped to create an online subculture that spread to the rest of the world! He ended up co-founding his label Liquid Ritual, which has worked with Skeler and many more. His support of other artists bringing their individuality to the scene made it blossom. For instance, think of wave as the punk of EDM. As the ideal overlap-of-a-ven-diagram subgenre, it includes countless influences. Kareful has explained wave music to have “hip-hop beats and dubstep textures.” Above all, wave music is filled with evoking emotions.

Kareful She Made Me Cry Electric Hawk
Image via Kareful’s Twitter

Kareful blows us away with “She Made Me Cry.”

Fast forward to 2021 and Kareful has his style MASTERED. Although he did take his sound style back to his 2015 days, he delivered a fresh take. “She Made Me Cry” is an atmospheric tune sure to get your body moving. Quickly building a mysterious ambiance, Kareful lures listeners in. The icy, sci-fi-esque melody floats among the trap-influenced drums effortlessly. Meanwhile, the emphasis on the angelic vocal samples pulls everything together. Clearly, there is no going wrong with a vibey track, especially when it’s wave. Kareful 100% deserves the wave-spokesman title!

Do not sleep on “She Made Me Cry” from Kareful. Give our exclusive premiere a stream, below!

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