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Now more than ever, it’s crucial for people from all walks of life to take care of their mental health. The music industry, one of the most drastically affected groups during the COVID-19 pandemic, has looked to Backline as one of the incredibly helpful mental health resources available. Offering accessible and free services such as case management and support groups, they have also combined efforts with other likeminded organizations to broaden their reach.

This time around, on January 6th, Backline announced their new partnership with top of the line health and performance app, Breathwrk.

With the same end goal in mind, Breathwrk has tediously studied the human physiology to understand and create breathing exercises that result in focus, creativity, and calmness within as little as 90 seconds.

Breathing correctly is such a powerful yet underutilized way to improve mental & physical health, and our Backline partnership is an incredible opportunity to scale this knowledge through the entire music industry during a period of uncertainty & adaptation.

Breathwrk Co-Founder & CMO Annie Conner
Backline Breathwrk
Backline and Breathwrk Partnership Philosophy

Along with this debut, Backline has pre-existing collaborations with innovative apps like Meditation Studio by Muse, Wanderlust, Hemi-Sync, and GTHX. Centered on wellness practices including workshops, meditation and movement, they hope to give new everyday tools and empower professionals through the time being, as well as when they return to life on the road.

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