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Chris Adams, AKA AHEE, brought the bass from outer space with his newest Animals EP. The space wizard was led under the direction of Producer Dojo, the label created by ill.Gates. The 4-track EP is AHEE‘s debut to the Producer Dojo label and has us breaking it down like this.

10 Foot Tarantula

So get this…we’re traveling through space and time in battle with giant alien tarantulas attacking our space ship. We’re pop, lock, and dropping it, holding on to dear life as AHEE plays defense, shooting down these tarantula mfers trying to disrupt the vibes. As if these dudes honestly thought they stood a chance against the bass. The second drop comes in with one last thrashing from AHEE’s laser beam guns. We pause for a brief moment as tranquil wind synthesizers start buzzing about bringing a sense of relief to passengers.

Jungle Dragon Beat

Ohhh fudge.. AHEE announces the spacecraft must make an emergency landing– but we’re in luck! The nearest planet was ranked the galaxy’s number one destination for throwing the most proper jungle ragers. A jungle where all beings can live In-Harmony. What a concept right?! “THIS BEAT IS SO DAMN TIGHT!” the fire-spinning dragons start to chant. It’s one hell of a party we’ve just entered and the sun is just about to set.

Night Monkey

The Glitch Hop starts to build and AHEE is now headlining with forest monkeys. The neuro bass has the dance floor wiggling about entertaining our body, mind, and spirit. This 7-minute CloZee-esque melodic journey of a track has our eyes shut and neurotransmitters descending us into 90-degree angles. We open our eyes to the psychedelic soundscapes depicting us into our very own unique life forms.

Ostrich Banana Zone

“ALL YA GOTTA DO IS LISTEN UP!” We’re all following your lead AHEE, or are we following the ostriches providing our daily dose of potassium? It’s been said there are spiritual benefits to eating a banana. At least that’s what the ostriches whispered into our ears, or wait was that AHEE?

Big Ups to AHEE and Producer Dojo

Not only did they drop this sick EP but they also landed a spot on the newest compilation from the Subsidia label. Kuddos! We’re excited for what 2021 has in store for you.

Listen to the Animals EP from AHEE below, OUT NOW on Producer Dojo