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Cherishing expanding love endlessly encapsulates the tale that both Pauline Herr and TWERL share in their new single “Addicted” released on July 22nd through bitbird. As we dwell on the star-crosse story between the duo, they deliver a love-laden message to each other. The duo expels an enchantment onto their audience that will leave you “Addicted,” craving another listen!

Pauline Herr and TWERL press
Photo Credit: PIXUHL | Left: Pauline Herr | Right: TWERL

“This release is very meaningful to both TWERL and I because it’s about our experience with a long-distance relationship. Spending months apart and only being able to see each other briefly every few months has been really tough but has also made the time we have with each other really special.”

Pauline Herr

The yearning love we strive for is something to cherish!

Photo Credit: PIXUHL

Immediately, the soundscape filters through our reality as we stand by the window, yearning from a distance for a special someone. The lingering thought you message someone, “Do you ever think of running away,” as you desire to be closer to them somehow. While the fluttering synths filter through, the duo gives the essence of butterflies rumbling in your tummy. The loving feeling sways our bodies as we reflect and long for that never-ending love.

Without a doubt, the duo released a track that will pull at your heartstrings. This is truly a ‘your name’ or self-insert moment that will get you emotional. Pauline Herr and TWERL tell a tale that all of us can relate to when it comes to a long-distance relationship. A tale for everyone to treasure the experience we have with that special someone. Whether that may be romantic or platonic, those small moments will become a cherished memory to always carry. After all, this serene track will have you stare out on a balcony and across the horizon, just feeling those butterflies of love develop. “Addicted” is a treasure you want to share with someone, so go ahead, share this song and tell someone how important they are to you.

Become “Addicted” to this new track by Pauline Herr and TWERL below!

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