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On the seventh day of Hawkmas, we reminisce with Levity and their intimate, feel-good vibes. They have kept us elated and sane during this hectic year. Lets put a smile on your face that only a Levity tune can make:

The Iowa City-based producers have a great kick-off year for 2020.

They released their debut original single “Paradise” on our very own Electric Hawk Records, for starters. Soon after, they dropped many remixes such as Cuco’s “Summer Time High Time,” Louis The Child’s Little Things,” and 2 Man Embassy and Silent Child’sHere.”

Levity have been putting in that work all year long

They had many shows planned pre-covid. However, they quickly adapted and went to live streaming. One of those streams being our very own Harmony Fest series, the two young producers also performed on Virtual Playground. They recorded a live set (no audience) in Liquid in Madison with their good friend Tvvin back in May. If you caught it, you’d know how good these two are.

Among other moments in 2020, they tell us how they landed a spot on the Summer Camp Music Festival lineup, a testament to their talent, and our boys deserve it. Their hard work has not gone unnoticed by fans or their peers, despite the global setbacks that affected the industry.

The talented duo let us in on some exciting new stuff for 2021: new remixes and original tracks

With the industry on pause, Levity has taken this time to work on some of their most unique tracks. Along with new music, you can expect a limited merch drop; OPEN YOUR PURSE. They even allude to new remixes and collabs they plan to dish out in the new year, starting with a remix of San Holo’s “Lift Me From The Ground” with another original track. They plan to hit the ground running in 2021, so tie your shoes, hawklings, make sure you can keep up!

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