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SAGZ’s newest single, “Bread Basket,” is a culmination of all the work he has been putting in over the last few months. His most recent release spotlights the recognizable and distinctive psychedelic-funk sound SAGZ has been crafting as of late. With Spotify playlist adds from Deadbeats and Liquid Stranger, it is clear that this tune is making its mark in the scene.

It has been a little over a year since SAGZ blessed us with his Osis collab “Whippersnapper on the Electric Hawk debut compilation “In Harmony.” Since then, it has been a run of continuous leveling up for the Chicago based artist. Loading up his arsenal with a couple of singles and a few collabs, including ones with Meso and Vieira, SAGZ is truly making his mark.

Let’s talk about the absolute shredder that is “Bread Basket.”

The tune starts soft. Otherworldly noises slowly make their way to the forefront. Then, about 25 seconds in, the drums start to kick in. You know whatever is coming next is going to be an energy-packed joy ride. Then, SAGZ raises the tension in a build that leaves you begging for the drop. That’s when the vocal comes in, “Knock ’em in the bread basket!” leaving me ready to literally knock someone off of a 10 story building into a softly layered basket of wheat. This is followed up by what can only be described as madness. SAGZ expertly blends his signature, funky flow with a distinctive baseline in a drop that you can feel spread through your entire body.

If you’re sleeping on SAGZ, this is your sign to wake up!

Every song that this man has been putting out has been top tier. As mentioned before, “Bread Basket” got accolades from the legend himself, Liquid Stranger, and the Boys over at Deadbeats. It won’t be long before you see SAGZ’s name pop up more often. If this is your introduction to him, I highly recommend diving into his whole catalog. There is no doubt in my mind you will enjoy it.

Stream “Bread Basket” by SAGZ below

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