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Labrynth introduces himself with a journey of self-discovery through dark soundscapes via his recent Now You See Me EP. The EP showcases his blend of dark dub with melodic flares while guiding listeners through a maze of warping elements.

Previously known as ZIIM, Tevin Reiff is just getting the Labrynth project started, teasing old and new fans with the immersive “Selekta” single earlier this month. Ready to show fans his alias transformation, Labrynth announced his live debut at Mission Ballroom supporting Mersiv on April 7th. Eagerly wanting to know the depth behind his new alias, we dive deeper with Labrynth about this chapter and what’s to come.

Check out Labrynth’s Now You See Me EP!

Khalila (Electric Hawk): Diving into your new chapter, what’s the meaning/intent behind your Labrynth project?

Labrynth:  I like to think of my project as a guide. It was a guide for me to find my true self, and I can only hope my music will help others feel something. The Labrynth project is a story that is continually writing itself every day. And it will continue to evolve with every track and every moment that passes. 

“The point of a maze is to find its center, the purpose of a Labrynth is to find yourself.”

Tevin Reiff (AKA Labrynth)

K: I’ve been a fan of your production for quite sometime. How would you say Labrynth differs from your previous alias? 

L: Labrynth is a very refined version of what used to be. The image and sound as a whole are something I’ve been working towards since my college days. It’s the culmination of everything I love. From the dark bass to beautiful melodies, and all the hype and wild sounds in between.

When Covid happened, it gave me the chance to take a step back; hone my skills, focus, and apply everything I know into making my dreams for my project a reality. Labrynth will be dynamic, versatile, and ever-present. In order to truly get an idea of what I have in store, you’ll have to listen to my new music and check out a live show. One thing that I’m certain of is, the Labrynth project is something that fans have never seen from me before. I’m just really excited to show everyone this new world my team and I have created.

Labrynth Now You See Me
Photo credit: BRAXX

K: We’re very much anticipating what’s to come. Are there any upcoming events or news that you’d like to share?

L: I’m extremely excited to play my debut set at Mersiv “In The Round” at the Mission Ballroom on April 7th! Currently putting everything into the set. I can’t thank Mersiv enough for having me and allowing me to pop off the Labrynth debut in such a huge way! I’m truly honored. Aside from my debut show, be on the lookout for a TON of new music and content this year. This is just the beginning. I can’t wait to share everything I’ve been working on!

Catch Labrynth’s live debut, supporting Mersiv at Mission Ballroom on April 7th!

Labrynth Now You See Me Mersiv

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