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Crankdat is back with a brand new killer EP entitled Fearworld. This EP features two incredibly bass-heavy tracks, while also offering listeners a chance to dive into his unique sound and audio experience. These tracks don’t just give listeners heavy bass, but gives them the experience to dive into his imaginative world of Fearworld. 

Horror Hour is a dark track that embraces its name. Full of intense vocals and a buildup for the books, Crankdat doesn’t hold back with this one. Phantom Cry enlists synthy basslines with intense melodies that take you to another world. These two tracks go together perfectly, leaving us wanting more.

Fearworld Crankdat

This EP is not for the faint of heart but something bass lovers will eat up. We hope this EP means more tracks coming from Crankdat in the future because we’re loving the sound and theme for Fearworld.

Take a listen below!

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