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It’s time to close our eyes for a moment. Escape into the picturesque echospace that is GRiZ‘s 10th studio album Rainbow Brain. The 22-track album allows the mind to escape into a spiritually guided trip from the get-go. This poetic journey allows the cluttered mind to escape for a moment and open itself to a utopia. Join us in digging deeper into the spirit and energy of our inner selves with GRiZ.

The opening track, “c h r o m e s t h e s i a,” begins the start of our Rainbow Brain journey. The colors in our minds illuminate – falling into this vibrant epic being spoken out loud to us. Singles “Astro Funk” and “Vibe Check” follow, to bring the good vibes and fiery vigor. Throughout the album, GRiZ includes short, but powerful, interludes. These act as a tie from one track to the next, thus creating a continuous mix.

GRiZ enlists the help of none other than Jantsen for the powerhouse “Burn Up The Floor.” Following the arguably most heavy track on the album is single, “Tie-Dye Sky.” Then, title track, “Rainbow Brain” feat. ProbCause and Chrishira Perrier, shows tribute to the beauty in life. Reminding us to take a moment and just feel the energy that vibrates around us. And that stunning color does shine through the darkness in our world!

“You’re gonna want to be high for this, alive for this.”

Harmony” brings the wonky meets jazzy vibes. After that, GRiZ gifts us back-to-back sing-along bangers: “Gold” feat. Cherub and “Daily Routine” feat. Big Gigantic and ProbCause. Yep, you read that right. Big G and GRiZ are back baby! Following these is “Other Side of Jupiter,” where GRiZ opens up and tells us how he’s feeling… but, through sound, of course.

The sax is out and ready to win hearts over on “Infinite.” Just trust us, this one speaks to the soul. Later, through chaotic wubs, melodic harmonies, and haunting vocals that Chrishira Perrier shares in “Feel It All,” we elevate into the new world that GRiZ has crafted. A space for everyone to express themselves in any way possible. To release all the bottled-up energy for a brief moment.

The final two tracks on Rainbow Brain really put the cherry on top of it all. “Another World” truly is transporting. And look, we know the term “euphoric” is thrown around a lot in relation to music, but GRiZ absolutely takes the metaphorical euphoric cake, here! Closing out our journey is “The Echo Tree” which shares the ultimate message of, “Once you start to lose yourself into life… well, that’s when you’ll start to find it.”

Rainbow Brain explores all the different eras of GRiZ.

GRiZ has successfully blended all his signature styles into one singular album. And for any fan, new or old, Rainbow Brain has a grasp of every world he has created in his musical career. Whether that be the beloved glitch-hop fans have been craving, the funky saxy-grooves, the Bangerz-era dubstep, and of course, the smoothest electro-soul. It’s a treat for all of GRiZ fans and family. We look forward to seeing Rainbow Brain boy in action at GRiZMAS in July, Another World, and Space Camp. It seems that everyone is hyped to witness this creative vision IRL and experience the colorful escape.

Stream GRiZ’s Rainbow Brain here. We would love to know what you think!

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