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Imagine Music Festival 2021 is coming quicker than we know it. Taking place September 17-19 in Georgia, Imagine is a diverse festival that we can’t miss. With acts ranging from Excision to GRiZ to Liquid Stranger, to CharlesTheFirst to CloZee to Kaivon, the lineup leaves us breathless. If Imagine is your first ever festival, or if this is your first time going to the Georgia-based festival, here are some things to know.

Explore new artists.

When Imagine was at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, there were stages at every turn. And I’m sure it will be the same at the festival’s new venue at Chattanooga Hills. Imagine always has one of the most diverse lineups in the game year after year. From dubstep to house to experimental bass, there is something for everyone at this festival. Our advice? Push yourself out of your comfort zone and see some acts that you usually wouldn’t. Check out Madeon’s Good Faith set, or check out some of the sets in the undercard. There’s tons of talent and never-ending music to discover.

Bonus tip: don’t miss the preparties and pool parties. Stacked full with great acts, the preparties and pool parties are the perfect place to catch special sets like Kaskade Pool Party sets, special Ganja White Night sets, and more.

If you’re camping, come prepared.

If you’re camping at this year’s festival, come prepared. This year, Imagine is taking place in its new venue at Chattahoochee Hills, giving the festival more of a natural feel than its usual location at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. With that being said, it’s bound to be HOT. I claim September to be the hottest month of the year, and staying hydrated and cool is ESSENTIAL. So bring your cool towel, keep the hydration pack full and keep those electrolytes handy!

Make sure your campsite has some shade, and by all means, don’t hang out in your tent in the middle of the day! Tents are HOT during the day. The best thing to bring to keep shaded is a canopy, umbrella, or finding a shady camping spot. Also, bring handheld and battery-powered fans, and don’t push yourself too hard

Bring your patience.

As always, bring your patience, but maybe bring extra patience to any and all festivals this year. Many people haven’t been to a festival in a long time, so they will be rusty! Bring your mindfulness and kindness and help out your fellow festival-goers. Coming out of quarantine and going into an environment with tons of people and a lot of stimulation can be overwhelming for people, so make sure to be extra kind and show your PLUR. It’s also important to bring your patience to this year’s Imagine since they are employing a new venue, and there are bound to be kinks to work out. All in all, we’re all there to have a good time and get back to the thing we enjoy most.

Take the festival step by step and have fun with it! We’re stoked for this year’s festival and can’t wait to connect with this community once again.

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