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We hope you’re sitting down. As if the music lineup for Sound Haven wasn’t staggering enough, they’ve called on some of the best VJ’s in the scene right now to bring the music to life. This perfectly curated lineup of talent gets to showcase their art on a massive stage with custom projection mapping. Next weekend in Jaceland just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.

Sound Haven highlights the artists behind the art

We have to give it up to Sound Haven for taking the time to curate such a perfect collection of VJ’s. Each artist has a knack for pushing limits, warping colors and textures, and of course bending the minds of viewers. With the likes of Data Byte, DRO1D, actualize, Digital D, ClearVOID, and so many more it’s clear Sound Haven is in for a treat. If you’re familiar with any of these artists’ work, you’ll know how well they fuse with the sounds they accompany. If you aren’t familiar, prepare for something extraordinary.

Just today Sound Haven dropped a promo video that showcases little glimpses of what these VJ’s can do. We’ll also link you to all the artists’ work below so you can get just as excited as we are. Expect to find your new favorite artist next weekend!

Check out actualize.
Look into DRO1D.
Check out Antic Studios.
Look into Data Byte.
Check out Papa Bear.
Look into ClearVOID.
Check out Diethylamide.
Look into Zip Visuals.
Check out Digital Windowpane.
Look into Joseph Allen.
Check out LAIA.
Look into Optical Empathy.
Check out Digital.D.

We’ll see you next weekend in Jaceland 🙂

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