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On the second day of June, GRiZ surprises us with GRiZMAS in July 2021! This not-so-typical family vacation will be held in Wilmington, North Carolina for two nights of funk and fun. GRiZ, being our gift that keeps on giving, will be hosting the event at the brand new Riverfront Park Amphitheatre. This is a vacation you will not want to miss out on!

What is better than GRiZ and the beach? Wrong answers only. THREE unique GRiZ sets, massive support from THREE talented artists, and of course… the beach.

Let’s break down the GRiZMAS in July 2021 lineup.

On Friday, GRiZ preps this two-night run with a full flex set, which nonetheless means we will be getting down with the get down immediately upon arrival. The EAZYBAKED boys are sure to be cookin’ up some bass with a side of beats. Eric and Andrew of EAZYBAKED have been busy perfecting their craft and making their way onto very well-deserved lineups this year. And of course, Kilamanzego, an absolutely iconic woman, will gift us with a killer set. With music influenced by West African experimentalism and electronic dance, we know Kilamanzego will have us starting night one with full hearts.

On Saturday, GRiZ says give the people what’s been on their wish list. To kick off the night we’re getting an exclusive throwback set! Dating between 2010-2017, GRiZ will be giving us major nostalgic vibes and highly anticipated tunes. And if that weren’t enough, GRiZ will be throwing down a CTGH set. This classic funk downtempo set derives from Grant’s mixtape project Chasing the Golden Hour which focuses on giving you a summer breeze vibe. To start the end of a beautiful weekend, Chicago duo Gilligan Moss, will surely have booty’s shakin’. This wonky duo will leave everyone with a smile!

Creating an event with three very diverse GRiZ sets and three uniquely talented artists exemplifies no matter how different we all can be, music is here to bring us together. Thank you GRiZ!

Make sure to keep your wallets wide open, general on-sale begins tomorrow, June 4th, at 12PM EDT here!

GRiZMAS in July 2021
Grant Kwiecinski (GRiZ)

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