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Your favorite southern boys, sfam and TVBOO, have reunited for another collab, and this time they’re gonna “doit4da. Yep, that’s it, they are just doing it for 4 da, and we at Electric Hawk have an exclusive listening session for your sweet little ears. 

The first song from sfam’s upcoming album is a collection of other-worldly bass that will have you on the floor screaming up at the sky. Drop number one contains some of the most innovative sounds in bass music. Cue the scrunched-up bass face and wiggle those fingers because these wonky frequencies have taken over the mind, body, and soul. The second drop is dark as heck, giving off waves of distorted bass while the vocals ring out in the background.

As shown on social media, sfam and TVBOO are jokingly at each other’s throats. But at the end of the day, they kiss, make up, and create brain-bussin’ beats.

We’ve made more tunes with TVBOO than we’ve made with anyone else. We always work really well together and I think this is probably the most experimental track we’ve ever collaborated on.”


We don’t exactly know what they are doing it for, but we’re glad they’re doing it nonetheless!

Stream “doit4da” by sfam and TVBOO below 

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