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Coming out swinging on the reputable underground bass music label, Mean Mug Music, Young Ville releases gritty dubstep tune, “Grimoire.”

Even through a pandemic and a rough year, Young Ville hasn’t let up at all amidst a time where creative energy for many artists is at an all-time low. Firing off a slew of releases in 2020, such as Sudden Fall and OBEAH MAN, it’s been a steady incline for him this year. And more so, there’s still no end in sight for this nutty producer.

Now he’s come back with “Grimoire.” A haunting dubstep track with left-field sound design, it begins with sinister whispers from the woods. Creepy textures consume the listener into one immersive and banging track. Young Ville is honing in on his sound and we can trust there’s plenty more where this one came from.

Finally, listen to “Grimoire” below!

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